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2019 JP Surf Slate Pro 8'2"

1x In Stock 8'2" x 30" 128L Pro Edition ,Super light
Sales price $ 1750.00


Stable, fast and reactive are the main strengths of the Surf Slates. Use the extra speed to glide across flat sections of the wave or to hit the lip with full power. The bottom shape features a V entry that flows into a deep single concave ending with a subtle V right at the center fin position. This ensures smooth lift and an easy rail-to rail transfer.

Innegra on the PRO boards adds the abrasion resistance but it doesn’t add stiffness as we didn’t want to alter the flex pattern of the boards. Basalt on the Wood Edition boards adds strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance. Basalt is 100% volcanic rock, a natural and sustainable fiber.

The boards feature a 5 fin option and come with a RTM thruster set-up.

The Surf Slates will bring out the best of any conditions you can find out there, a true all-round high performance shape.