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2019 Naish GSX Mana 9'8

1 x left 2019 MANA GSX 9’8” 34" 200L On Sale Off RRP $1,599
Sales price $ 1280.00

All-around Widebody

Great for all-around cruising, touring, learning the basics and riding small waves, the Mana 9’8” GSX features an extra wide outline throughout the nose, midsection and tail, which delivers incredible stability. Adding to its sizeable sweet spot is a contoured deck, full rails and squared tail, which heighten stability whether a rider is pivoting, standing still, or traveling a straight line. For those looking to cruise, this board’s quad-concave bottom channels water from nose to tail and delivers phenomenal straight-line gliding for a board of this length.

A high temperature, pressurized aluminum molding process ensures every board is consistently shaped and precisely balanced for a reliable, all-around experience that’s ideal for families, newer paddlers or anyone looking for a sturdy, yet maneuverable ride.

Naish Stand up paddle boards , beginner to intermediate , suitable for weight range from light 50kg up to 100kg + with it's 200L Volume