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2016 NeilPryde Combat

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All round wave

The legendary Combat stands out as the go-to choice in the collection for wave performance and all-round versatility. The 2016 Combat comes with four battens on all sizes and combines high-end construction with uncompromised performance in all wave sailing conditions. The Combat is the sail of choice of the best wave sailors on the planet.

Key Features

Versatile: Moderate and progressive luff curve for optimum manoeuvrability, speed and power in both onshore and side-shore conditions.
Central Moderate Profile for optimum balance between upwind power and stability. Increased shaping in mid and forward body section for consistent drive. Wide Wind Range: A large tuning range, thanks to a stable profile, allows the rider to trim the sail for all conditions.
Construction: Available in both clear and HD windo

4 batten configuration on all sizes

Designer's Comment

New shape distribution retains power and early planing but noticeably reduces backhand loading on top of the wave. Luff curve adjustments allow for increased middle leech twist to release excessive power.


Sail Specs

SizeLuffBoomBaseBattensIdeal MastTopWeightWeight (HD)
3.7 359 147 20 4 340/370 Vario Top 3.07kg 3.11kg
4.0 374 150 4/34 4 370/340 Fixed Head 3.20kg 3.24kg
4.2 384 154 14 4 370 Fixed Head 3.25kg 3.29kg
4.5 394 158 24 4 370 Fixed Head 3.34kg 3.38kg
4.7 403 162 34/4 4 370/400 Fixed Head 3.40kg 3.40kg
5.0 415 166 16 4 400 Fixed Head 3.44kg 3.51kg
5.3 427 171 28 4 400 Fixed Head 3.53kg 3.64kg
5.6 434 177 34/4 4 400/430 Fixed Head 3.63kg 4.00kg