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2018 NeilPryde RS One 7.8

1 x Left On Sale 7.8 In Stock
Sales price $ 700.00

2018 NeilPryde RS: One 7.8 Brand New On Sale , Australia Wide freight Call today PH 08 93299333 or visit

The RS:One Convertible joins our one-design program as the lightweight, effortless foil and slalom sail. It was developed alongside the RS:X Convertible sail and offers an extreme direct power release control and the perfect balance between stability and lightness.The RS:One Convertible feels as light as a no-cam sail making it ideal for foiling. Getting into the gust is very easy thanks to reduced backhand pressure that maintains a stable flying height. When used with low outhaul tension it generates a lot of lift for early take-off. When used in over powered slalom conditions the RS:One Convertible will maintain great control keeping the board stable on the water. RS:One Convertible is the true pathway sail to high-performance one-design windsurfing racing.