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2017 JP Wave Slate Pro 78

On Sale Off RRP $3,470 78L 215 x 55cm
Sales price $ 1500.00

The British WINDSURF magazine comments that “the Slate is a sensation on the wave and had the team heading back out with a smile time and time again”. French PLANCHEMAG states it “is fun and effective onshore and side shore”.

The Slate’s new outline concept totally stands out. It is very short with a wide, parallel outline from nose to tail. Seen in surfing before, this shape style was introduced by JP as the first major brand in the SUP range. The windsurf versions followed soon.

The diamond nose and the swallow tail are the design features to draw your attention but it’s the short, wide outline making this board special! With lots of lift the Slate provides a fast and lively ride paired with top acceleration. You would not expect so much upwind power and speed in a dedicated wave design.

Get used to its shortness, bear off knowing its sweet spot and the Slate will pop onto the plane and accelerate rapidly, feeling sharp and responsive underfoot. The boards create and maintain speed already on small waves helping to make marginal conditions very exciting!

The shortness is base for feeling small and compact in the air as well as for accelerated aerial rotations.
Additionally, shorter boards fit better into smaller waves with the shorter rail line enabling to smoothly carve tight into steep sections without getting stuck.

The flat V bottom flows into a deep single concave finishing off with a flat V at the tail. Consequently, the rail line has no flat section at all, making tight carves smooth.

Changing from rail to rail happens super fast. The Slate powerfully accelerates through the bottom turn on small waves throwing tons of spray in the top turn.

In thruster setup the Slate tracks well and carves with reliable grip. And this year, the boards come with a smaller tail fin and bigger side fins to enhance the grip and drive even more. The quad boxes allow to experiment with a 4 fin setup for more control and tighter turns.

-> The ultimate wave all-rounder for marginal conditions! This fast and lively planer has a wide user appeal as it is powerful and fun when other boards are still banned to the beach. Suited for front and back foot riding styles, the Slate provides pivotally tight carving and an electrifying waveride. The ‘shorty’ fits into tight wave pockets making you rip and carve up small waves. Experience this exciting new riding sensation and rip hard in marginal conditions!