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2016 JP Freestyle Pro 92

On Sale Off RRP $3,395 x 1 Left 92L Freestyle Board
Sales price $ 1500.00


Our entire Freestyle team is always seeking new enhancements in board design. However, they are focused only on the developments that will give them a clear advantage and these are the shapes which go into production. Therefore we only replaced the biggest board with a 106 and developed a brand new 85 L.
Shaper Werner Gnigler welcomes our new team member Amado Vrieswijk NB-20 with the newly developed Freestyle 85. The light rider from Bonaire needs a lower volume board to partner the 92 in his quiver.
Apart from his 101, Steven van Broeckhoven B-72 now steps on the powerful new 105 when light conditions demand for big boards and sails.

Depending on their weight each rider picks his favorite board size to compete in almost all conditions – which mainly are the 101 or 92.
Since the judges want to see big moves and radical action we also offer the perfect board for extreme conditions on both ends of the wind range – for very light winds or nuclear power.

The two new shapes follow the proven design concept of their siblings, the 92 and 101. The stable, wide platforms feature the volume flow of the existing shapes with extra thickness and volume in the mid-section.
Everything is focused around the turning point where the mast base sits. Therefore they behave naturally and predictably. Rotations are a lot quicker and easier.
The centered volume also helps for switch stance moves.

The rather parallel outline in the mid-section results in a maximum planing surface, the rounded tail outline has proven successful for great maneuverability and unmatched pop – not just on your first jump but also on your following air moves performed during trick combinations.

A sharp tuck line running from the tail close to the mast base is responsible for great grip and drive that creates maximum speed instantly. Towards the nose, the tuck line turns super soft offering an easy transition from aerial maneuvers into sliding tricks by stopping the rail from catching.

These performance advantages make it easier to execute all the big moves and leave the window wide open to spice up your moves with extra style.


Developed for the highest level of Freestyle! These shapes are dedicated competition boards and at the same time offer the ease a recreational freestyler of today needs.